Importance of Maintaining your Lights

tree mount embeded1I know, I know, I keep harping on maintenance of your lighting system.  But I want people to understand that even if they put in the best landscape lighting available, using the best techniques possible the mounts will still grow into the tree eventually.  A well suited regular maintenance plan would never allow this to happen.   These fixtures in this picture are Life Time warranty Odyssey fixtures from Unique.  You can’t get much higher quality than these when they were installed.  But with little maintenance the offset tree mounts eventually were overcome by the small trees doing what they do.  Growing.


tree mount embeded2 This is not just a problem for the lights.  This is a problem for the trees.  This becomes a wound on the tree that can be very difficult to heal.  These wounds can eventually turn into rot spots that allow pests and more rot into the inner parts of the tree.  These wounds can also become week spots on the tree, where with time  and age may become the fulcrum for a branch failure in a wind storm. We have regular service plans available.  Call 210-710-7737 for more details or contact us here Contact Us
tree mount embeded3

Give the Gift of Light

Hgift cardot off the press!  We are excited to now offer gift cards for Landscape Lighting Guru. Maybe someone you love has dreamed of warming up there outdoor space with beautiful landscape lighting.  You can now give them the gift of light with our gift cards – available in any domination.  If you are interested, please give us a call at 210-710-7737 or email at


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We love to hear from our clients and appreciate your feedback.  It is as easy as a clicking the link below to enter in your testimonial.

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Here is a recent testimonial we’d like to share.  It is from the same client mentioned in the last post about why experience matters.

“I had lighting issues with my tree lights. A contractor had made a mess of the revamp of my yard lighting and then skipped town. So I called the Landscape Lighting Guru and that is when life got better. Much better. Darryl Cook was terrific to work with and he suggested all sorts of fixes to what had been done that when completed, transformed a very unsatisfactory lighting situation to a really beautiful outcome. I highly recommend Darryl and his team for any and all projects related to outdoor lighting. He has a very artistic eye for what will best accent the yard at night and a great crew to execute the plan.” ~Wayne Alexander

Warm LED Lighting

Warm LED Lighting

Warm LED up and down lighting

Warm LED up and down lighting


Why Experience Matters

We recently worked on a lighting project where the previous lighting installer had improperly designed and incorrectly installed the client’s lighting.  We were able to redesign the system and properly install the system.

Alexander Warm LED up and down on the back patio

There are many companies out there that can offer you outdoor lighting installation but there are few that deliver the expertise and customer service like Landscape Lighting Guru.  Landscape Lighting Guru is honored to be included in the exclusive Kichler Presidents Club.  The Presidents club is a prestigious group of landscape lighting professionals and we are proud to be a member.


Kich_Pres_Club Logo 4c

For more information about Kichler’s president’s club and their products, check out their website

We can save you money!

shutterstock_124213174Converting an outdoor lighting system with LED lamps can recoup its cost in just two years! We are able to retrofit your system using your existing fixtures but replacing your current lamps with LED lamps.

Did you know at current electricity pricing you pay as much as $90 per year per Mercury Vapor fixture in electricity more than you would with our new retrofit LED’s? Color tones are almost identical, and you are replacing with lamps that are much safer for the environment as well as very long lived. Our various retrofit lamps have a minimum of 30,000 hour life. Some as long as 75,000 hours (that’s 30 years). They all come with a minimum of a 5 year manufacturer warranty. .

The Guru specializes in retrofitting lighting systems.   If you have an old Mercury Vapor system, we can retrofit your current fixtures with money saving LED lamps.  For more information, give the guru a call at 210-710-7737 for a free consultation.

Does your lighting need some help?

Outdoor lighting systems need to be inspected and serviced at least twice a year to remain in good condition.  We offer maintenance agreements that provide bi annual 16 point service and inspection of your entire system.  Included in this service is a pest preventive application for all your fixtures and components which we highly recommend.  Pests can infiltrate your lights and wreak havoc on your electrical system which can be costly to repair, and usually is not covered under manufacturer warranty.

Our goal in our 16 point service and inspection is to keep your lighting looking as good tomorrow as it was the day it was installed.  During the service we will inspect every fixture, transformer, wire and timer to make sure they are working properly.

If you are interested in learning more, please give us a call at 210-710-7737.

Don’t bury a J-Box!

Every onJ-box in the ground (2)ce in awhile we are asked to service jobs that were originally installed by homeowners or landscapers that didn’t really know what they were doing.

In this specific case the previous installer ran out of wire so he thought the right thing to do was to create a j-box to house the wire nuts and the junction between two runs of wire.  If this was on a wall this may have worked.  But when you bury a metal box in the ground it will eventually fail.  The gasket is not made to be wet all the time and the metal will eventually rust.

We make it a point never to create an underground junction in a metal box that will fail.  The best choice is to use a new wire that can make it the distance you need.  Should there be no other choice than to create an underground junction then the wire connections should be potted to prevent air and moisture from creating corrosion.

Should you need help planning and installing your lighting system for long run success call the Landscape Lighting Guru.  210-710-7737

Exciting New Technology

fx xmasIn our last post, we told you that LED lamps are available in all colors of the rainbow.  We are so excited about this new system by FX that utilizes RGBW LED technology. Color temperatures can be adjusted for holidays and special events, offering unique landscape looks throughout the year. In the pictures below, one is lit for the Christmas holiday with red and green, the other is done in purple for springtime and the last picture casts an orange color for Halloween and fall.

It is all set-up and controlled using your smartphone. Watch the video below to see how it easy it is to manage a very professional display. This is an easy way for a small business to get noticed. If you are interested in learning more, please give us a call to discuss.

For more information, check out FX’s website fall







The Colors of LED

LED lamps come in a rainbow of colors but most of our clients want a white light.  There are many different temperatures of white light with the most common being a warm white light vs a cool white light.  Both of these white lights play an important part of a lighting design.  Cool white light is a great when used as down lighting in a tree creating the illusion of moon light.  Warm white light is great for lights on the facade of them home.  In the following pictures you can see the difference between the two and how both temperatures play an important part in the lighting design.

Warm LED feature lighting in the foreground with cool LED down moonlighting in background

Warm LED feature lighting in the foreground with cool LED down moonlighting in background

Warm LED feature lighting in the foreground with cool lighting in the background

Warm LED feature lighting in the foreground with cool lighting in the background

Helping our Environment and Giving Back to the Community

green-recycling-iconHere at the Landscape Lighting Guru we see a lot of trash.  Most of it is in the form of cardboard that new fixtures and spools of wire come in.  But a lot of it is in the form of old fixtures and old wiring that has been removed to make room for new projects.  There is really no reason wiring should ever go bad, unless it was originally installed incorrectly.  But of course that’s the rub.  Most old systems that we remove are either very old Mercury Vapor or Incandescent systems, or they are lighting jobs that were done by home owners, or someone with just as little experience as home owners.  Most of the time when we find poorly installed connections this has allowed corrosion to inhibit the wire’s capabilities. It is less expensive for us to replace the wire than to try and fix every issue in old wire to make it work for new lighting.

Sorry for the digression.  You started reading this to understand how we try to be good stewards of our planet.  All of the people involved with the Guru have young children.  So without getting all hemp and Birkenstocks on you we would like to leave the planet as good as we can for the next generation.

We take all of our cardboard, plastic, and paper products to the local recycling center, and we turn in all of our removed fixtures, wire, and ballast boxes to a metal recycling center for pennies on the pound.  Well the pounds add up, so we decided to give 50% of that money back to our employees at the end of every year and give the other 50% to local charities.  Our 2015 charity is the Bulverde Food Pantry.  33145_bulverde-food-pantry_asq

So if you’re thinking about having us install new efficient LED lighting, just know that the old fixtures and wiring that don’t work anymore will not be headed to the landfill.  Even better they may help some less fortunate family eat a little better in the coming year.

For more information on the Bulverde Food Pantry, click here