Spring Forward this Sunday

Spring Forward and check your timerDaylight Saving Time (DST) starts this Sunday causing us to lose an hour of sleep this weekend.  The mornings will be lighter and the evenings will be darker making it a good time to check the timer on your outdoor lighting system.

There are several different type of timers used for outdoor lighting and what needs to be updated depends on what type of timer you have.  If your lighting system has been installed in the last few years, you likely have an astronomical timer or a photocell.  Those types of timers should automatically adjust for daylight savings time and you shouldn’t need to do a thing!

If you have a manual timer, you will need to adjust for daylight savings time.  To adjust your timer, you first need to find your transformer which will be located outside (usually near your utilities) or inside your garage.  The transformer is a box and you will unlatch it to open it and find your timer.  To adjust the time, you rotate the dial clockwise until the correct time is shown in the window in the middle of the timer.  You can also adjust the start time and end times for your lights by moving the green and red pins.  The green is the start time and the red is the end time.   In San Antonio, the new sunrise time will be 7:45 am and the sunset time will be 7:45 pm.

If you need help adjusting your timer, please give us a call and we would be happy to walk you through the process – 210-710-7737.  Here are a few interesting articles for more information on Daylights Saving Time.

A new bill was recently filed by a Texas state representative to abolish the DST ritual: Will Texas elect to drop DST?

Great overview done by Time of why DST was started and data on its effectiveness:  Why do we have DST?


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