Still Sitting in the Dark?

Contemporary Patio by Troy Interior Designers & Decorators Colorworks Studio

We were at a friend’s home on Super Bowl Sunday outfitted with a great outdoor living space with a television to view the game.  It was fabulous to be outside watching the game and having the kids running around outside. However, we were quickly shrouded in darkness once the sun set and could really only see each other from the glow of the TV.  Or we were all suddenly doused in light when one of the kids ran by the motion sensor security flood lights.   While the outdoor living space itself was wonderful, the lack of lighting really made it difficult to enjoy.  With just a few well-placed lights, the entire atmosphere would have changed and made it so much more enjoyable.

Are you enjoying the mild temperatures we have been having lately?  It is so great to be outside but sunset always seems to come too quickly when you are out having fun.  During the winter months, we don’t have as much daylight and even though our days are starting to get longer, the sun still sets around 6:00.   Don’t let the darkness send you inside!  With the right lighting design, you can enjoy the outdoors even after the sun has set.

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