Preserve the Night Sky with Responsible Lighting

Preserve the Night Sky with responsible lighting

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One of the many charms of the hill country is the beautiful night sky. Homeowners may think they should avoid installing outdoor lighting in order to preserve the night sky. However, with responsible outdoor lighting design, not only can you enjoy the night sky but also enjoy your outdoor living space.

I’ve lived in the Hill Country for most of my life, and have always enjoyed the stars and the night sky. We take many steps to bring ambiance, security, and safety to your property while taking in deep consideration of the stars in the night sky. As proud members of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), we try to educate clients on the differences between what we do and what everyone else does in the lighting landscape lighting world. In this series of posts, we will share the three key features to consider when designing an outdoor lighting plan that is also dark sky friendly.Preserve the Night Sky with responsible lightingRelated Posts:

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