San Antonio Vulnerable to Zika – Protect Your Family from Mosquitoes


The world’s deadliest creature isn’t what you might expect. A graphic from Bill Gates’ blog outlined the number of deaths per year related to animals. You’ll see the biggest offender are mosquitoes!

With over 312 Zika cases reported in Texas last year, it is time to really think about how you are going to protect your family. Ashley Lopez of Austin’s NPR Station, reported on just how vulnerable Texas is to Zika.  With the historically warm weather last winter, there wasn’t a huge die-off of the mosquito population especially in places like San Antonio and Houston.  The mosquito that carries the Zika virus also happens to be prevalent in Texas, specifically in densely populated areas. This combination has many experts and officials worried that Texas is very vulnerable to the Zika virus.

So how can you protect your family this summer?  


Mosquito Repellent System

Landscape Lighting Guru offers a mosquito repellent system that will quickly create a mosquito free haven for your outdoor space so you can safely enjoy the cooler temperatures.   The Mosquito Repellent fixture offers mosquito repellency to enhance your patio, deck or yard.  The patented mosquito protection system is effective providing protection within 15 minutes of use and is effective against all types of mosquitoes.  It is conveniently odorless, silent, invisible during use – no smelly oils, smoke, or zapping sounds to disturb you


Outdoor Fans

Another way to protect your family from mosquitoes and keep you cool as well. One simple solution to repelling these bugs is an overhead fan!  You can literally fan mosquitoes away.

According to the American Mosquito Control Association, a large fan on your deck would work because mosquitoes are weak fliers.  The New York Times also reports that a fan’s breeze “disperses the human emanations that allow female mosquitoes to zero in on us.” Entomologists from Michigan State University found that fan-generated wind greatly reduces mosquitoes and they recommend we use it in our backyards to protect ourselves and our pets.

Landscape Lighting Guru installs both the mosquito repellent system and outdoor fans and would be happy to come out and give a free consultation.   To learn more about how Landscape Lighting Guru can help you protect your family from mosquitoes, call us at 210-710-7737

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