Preserve the Night Sky with the Moon Light Effect

Moon Light Effect

Cool LED down moonlighting

As we continue our Preserve the Night Sky series, our first key feature we want to discuss is one of our signature designs, the Moon Light Effect.  This is a method of lighting the landscape and the trees to cast beautiful shadows and light on the grass and the plants below, all the while grazing the textured bark of our live oak tree’s grand twisted branching structure.  Done correctly, this method highlights the tree and the surround area without effecting the night sky.

However, there are some important things to watch out for when installing the lighting for the moon light effect. The fixtures and the wire MUST be mounted to the trees with the correct methods and materials.  Trees are not buildings, they grow, they move, and they have pests in them.  The fixtures and wire should NEVER be surface mounted to a tree like it can and should be to a building.  After all, why would we want to hurt the very specimen tree we are trying to show off?

The fixtures make a significant difference as well.  Did you know that most fixtures on the market are designed for up lighting?  If you take a fixture that was designed for up lighting and put it in the down position, it will be just a few rain events away from being a complete waste of your time and money.  So do your research before you invest the time and money.  We offer free consultations, so we would be happy to visit with you and talk about the lighting plan that would work best for you.


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