Outdoor Lighting for your Home in the Dominion Texas

Living the Dream with Landscape Lighting in the Dominion, Tx

Homeowners in the exclusive Dominion neighborhood put a lot of effort and money in creating curb appeal for their home. Yet, as soon as the sun sets, all that curb appeal is hidden. The best way to showcase your luxury home in the evenings is to add landscape lighting. This is not only for security and safety but also to highlight unique features of your home and property. We design lighting systems that work in conjunction with your landscape to enhance the beauty around your property and allow you to entertain your friends and family in style.

Landscape Lighting Installation in the Dominion Tx

Cool LED down lighting

Now, we here at Landscape Lighting Guru have a permanent solution for the beautification of your front or back yard. We love to play with lights and shadows. Finding just the right accent to highlight a part of your landscape, maybe a tree or a clump of shrubs. Making a walkway visible and safe for anyone to use in the dark. Or setting up security lighting tripped by a sensor, so your pals know where they are walking when they are arriving for the backyard BBQ.

Water Features Highlighted

Water features just invite themselves to have lighting installed. If you have a pool or a small water fall in the back yard of your home in the Dominion, outstanding. Adding lighting to it makes it a great joy glancing at from the patio while enjoying your well deserved cocktail or glass of wine in the evening, relaxing with the Misses.

Accenting Trees with UP-Lighting.

Here in the Dominion as part of the Hill Country we are blessed with an abundance of Live Oak. Robust, rustic and majestic looking, they add so much character to your landscape. Again best viewed during they day or on a moon lit night. What about the rest of the dark nights that the Hill Country is famous for. No light pollution from your neighbors street lantern that might reach your trees and give them a bit of a highlight. We do specialize in Up-Lighting finding just the right angle, level and height to install the light source, to bring out the beauty of these trees. Giving them an accent that is unique and beautiful.

Lighting Installation by your Home

Lights installed by your home in the Dominion can high-light certain features of your architecture in a way that you will fall in love all over again with that dream place you build for your family. Wait till your Grandkids come visiting. They will be in mesmerized by the playful shadows created with the expertly installed Outdoor Lighting around home.Landscape Lighting for your Dominion Home

Not only do we install permanent Lighting Fixtures, but we also specialize in occasional Landscape Lighting.
Thinking of a big event on your estate, we will make it extra special. Of course the holidays, you will never think of Christmas the same, after we have decorated the outdoors with our Christmas Lighting extravaganza.
We offer other services not pertaining to Lighting. Our technicians will gladly install outdoor sound systems and make the audio a part of your total package that allows you to kick your shoes off and chill.
You can feel your blood pressure decline enjoying that beautifully arranged Landscape Lighting set up. Wisps
of music carried to your ears by the gentle breeze will give a new appreciation for your home and back yard.

So give us a call @ Landscape Lighting Guru and we will transform your Landscape into an experience like no other.