Make a Shining Statement with Lighting


Vintage Light Fixture with Mixed Metals in the room

If there’s one thing that can make your home look dated, its lighting. Old fixtures and out of date technology can make you overdue for an update. The good news is that changing out or adding new fixtures can be an easy fix that makes your home some shine!  In many cases, your light fixtures are often a budget-friendly way to upgrade the décor. Here are some of the recent lighting trends to consider if you are ready for a change:

Vintage Lighting

Going vintage with your lighting is a great way to bring character to a space. You can brighten any space with a stylish fixture with rustic or industrial finishes.  There are such a variety of ways to get that vintage vibe and still fit into your décor.  Lighting fixtures utilize raw materials, vintage bulbs and simple shapes to create the vintage vibe.


Example of Glass Bubbles design

Statement Piece Chandeliers

It is time to bring back the glamour back with a statement piece chandelier.  Exciting shapes and designs are the current trend along with larger fixtures to make a big impact. These larger fixtures create a wow factor that become the new centerpieces of a room. Some of the popular designs are the glass bubbles that brings a bit of whimsy to the space and the starburst design for a mid-century feel.



Example of Starburst design

Mixed Metals

The notion that you should have one type of metal fixtures in your home is a trend that is on its way out.  There is a huge variety of metals in today’s light fixtures including soft gold, silver, brass, rose gold, copper, antique bronze and matte black.  Take advantage of the colors by designing a space that can use more than just one of these colors to create a stunning space.

Smart Lights

With Amazon’s Alexas and Google Home making their way into our homes, it is not surprising that people are looking to be able to control their lights using these new smart devices. There are several products you can buy today that go beyond your typical light bulb and that integrate smart technology into your lighting. Expect this trend to only continue to grow as more variety is offered

Whether you are remodeling, redecorating or just ready for a change, consider how lighting fixtures will fit into your décor.  If you need help installing your new fixtures, please give us a call at 210-710-7737.

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