Importance of Maintaining your Lights

tree mount embeded1I know, I know, I keep harping on maintenance of your lighting system.  But I want people to understand that even if they put in the best landscape lighting available, using the best techniques possible the mounts will still grow into the tree eventually.  A well suited regular maintenance plan would never allow this to happen.   These fixtures in this picture are Life Time warranty Odyssey fixtures from Unique.  You can’t get much higher quality than these when they were installed.  But with little maintenance the offset tree mounts eventually were overcome by the small trees doing what they do.  Growing.


tree mount embeded2 This is not just a problem for the lights.  This is a problem for the trees.  This becomes a wound on the tree that can be very difficult to heal.  These wounds can eventually turn into rot spots that allow pests and more rot into the inner parts of the tree.  These wounds can also become week spots on the tree, where with time  and age may become the fulcrum for a branch failure in a wind storm. We have regular service plans available.  Call 210-710-7737 for more details or contact us here Contact Us
tree mount embeded3

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