Lighting Maintenance Disaster

Ballast embeded in a treeIt is important to have your lighting system installed and maintained by a qualified specialist.  It is also important to continue routine maintenance to ensure your lighting system is working properly and is safe.   The following is from a new clients service call to inspect a pre-exisiting lighting system. Unfortunately, we are called to make repairs on many lighting systems that weren’t installed properly or have been serviced incorrectly and the results can be dangerous.

This landscape lighting was neglected for many years and now this tree has grown over the ballast box.  In addition, when it had been serviced the wires were incorrectly stapled to the tree.   It is only a matter of time until one or both of the compromised branches fall in a big wind storm.  The tree would have to be removed for safety concerns if it was anywhere near a structure or where people congregate.  It it awful that this beautiful, mature tree will not live because of a poor lighting service.

The new homeowners weren’t the ones who ignored the maintenance but they will pay the price of losing a mature tree.  Call us today to find out more about our lighting maintenance plans.

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