Top Three Lighting Design Mistakes

Kichler-extra_sellsThere are many companies out there that can offer you outdoor lighting installation but there are few that deliver the correct design to make your home shine.  The Guru believes that the lighting design is just as important as the installation.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is more expensive but rather often is the opposite, a well designed system may require fewer lights and save you money!

The lighting guru has been doing this a long time and has had many opportunities to fix others lighting mistakes.  The Top Three Mistakes we see are….

1.  Overstated Lighting – the purpose of outdoor lighting is to compliment the best features of your home, not to make it a beacon in the night sky!  The Guru has seen houses that look so unnaturally lit that it takes away from the look of your home.  More is not always better.

2.  Focusing the Light – You can have a great lighting design and great fixtures installed but if they aren’t focused on the right things, it won’t look good.  It can also be an annoyance to others if the light is pointing at your neighbors home or into the street.  The Guru always makes a point after the full installation to focus each light and make sure it is highlighting what it was supposed to in the original design.

3.  Same Old Design – The Guru hates to see a beautiful home stuck with a basic, overused lighting design.  Some installers design one or two “designs” and use them over and over again.  The Guru truly believes that lighting is an art form and every property deserves a unique design created especially to illuminate its finest features.

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