We can save you money!

shutterstock_124213174Converting an outdoor lighting system with LED lamps can recoup its cost in just two years! We are able to retrofit your system using your existing fixtures but replacing your current lamps with LED lamps.

Did you know at current electricity pricing you pay as much as $90 per year per Mercury Vapor fixture in electricity more than you would with our new retrofit LED’s? Color tones are almost identical, and you are replacing with lamps that are much safer for the environment as well as very long lived. Our various retrofit lamps have a minimum of 30,000 hour life. Some as long as 75,000 hours (that’s 30 years). They all come with a minimum of a 5 year manufacturer warranty. .

The Guru specializes in retrofitting lighting systems.   If you have an old Mercury Vapor system, we can retrofit your current fixtures with money saving LED lamps.  For more information, give the guru a call at 210-710-7737 for a free consultation.

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