Hail Storm Costliest in Texas History

lightningSan Antonio was hit with several hail storms over the last few weeks and the damage is the costliest in Texas history at expected damages of $1.4 Billion.  The big ticket items are damages to cars and roofs but the lighting from those storms have wreaked havoc on some homeowners electrical systems.  Outdoor landscape lighting is vulnerable to lightning just like all other electric systems.

Lightning and quickly moving power surges can instantly bring down electronic systems.  Even the magnetic field that is part of a lightning strike can inflict damage on nearby computers and electronics.  So your home doesn’t have to have a direct strike to incur damage to your electric system.

Are you having lighting issues after the storms the last few weeks?  We can help – please give us a call today at 210-710-7737 and we can set up a service call.

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