Top Two Reasons Down Lights Go Out

With cloudtocloudthe recent rain events, we have had a few customers calling us to tell us that some of their down lights from their trees are not working.

We have found two main culprits for this issue.  One has been fire ants (see recent blog post) and the other has been internal damage to the micro processors from surges caused during cloud to cloud lightning strikes.  This rarely effects landscape lighting that is mounted on the ground, but seems to effect a few LED fixtures that are mounted high up in the trees.   Since this is one of the most beautiful way to use landscape lighting we are looking for a long term solution.

Depending upon the manufacture of those lights, if the damage was caused by lightning, or caused by fire ants the fixtures may not be under warranty.  So far, because of our relationship with Kichler they have warrantied their fixtures.  Other manufactures have decided that they can not control Mother Nature and have not warrantied fixtures.  One such job had 32 fixtures go out recently.  This customer’s only resolution was to turn in the invoice to their home owners insurance.  They received a labor discount because they are on our yearly maintenance agreement plan, but it was still a big hit.

For a limKich_Pres_Club Logo 4cited time Kichler has given the Landscape Lighting Guru a supply of EOS filters to protect older fixtures from this phenomena.  All you have to do is pay for the labor (regular service call rates apply).  Call 210-710-7737 if you are interested in protecting your investment with EOS filters or fire ant protection.

We currently install all new systems’s with 6 month fire ant protection and soon Kichler fixtures will come with then new EOS filter as part of the price.  Until then, we will continue to work with the manufacture to offer them in all our down light installations.

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