The Guru goes above and beyond for clients

testimonial We received this customer testimonial last week that is an excellent example of how the Guru is willing to go above and beyond for all of his clients!

“Getting along in years (83) I must adapt to my surroundings.  I have three areas in the back yard that contain steps.  I am now to the point where I have to be careful not to fall going up and down these steps.

As a consequence, I wanted to install hand rails at all three locations.  At each location light posts are required as well.  These posts (total 9) are approximately 3′ tall made of cantara stone with LED lights on the top.  This being an unusual installation I believe it to be a challenging job.

I considered hiring a stone mason and an outdoor lighting company.  One to do the post installation and the other to do the LED lights.  My first contact was that of a lighting company, Landscape Lighting Guru.  After discussing the job with the owner I was assured that they could perform both the installation of the post and the lights.

Their performance was nothing short of exceptional.  Concealing the light wiring while maintaining the integrity of the landscape (of which there is considerable), not to mention the installation of the lamp post (not associated with lighting) was as promised.

I consider myself to be a perfectionist.  As such I expect a great deal from those performing services for me.  You can be assured that the Landscape Lighting Guru will produce a product worth of plaudit.”

Ross W Estep Sr

August 18, 2016

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