Reserve your Holiday Lighting spot today

Holiday LightingWe know, we know, it is over a hundred degrees outside for the last few weeks and the holidays seem far away BUT now is the time to reserve your spot.  We don’t want you to miss out by waiting until late fall when it is too late for new reservations for holiday lighting with professional lighting companies.

Landscape Lighting Guru has years of experience installing holiday lighting and decor.  Our crew has installed holiday lighting for many business and the city of San Antonio as well as on residences. Landscape Lighting Guru installs energy saving LED lights and also offers a range of holiday decor including lit wreathes and garland.

Holiday LightingIf you want your home decorated this holiday season, give us a call for a free estimate at 210-710-7737 or click here Contact Us.


Fan Mosquitoes Away

Fan Mosquitoes awayWith the outbreak of the Zika virus in Florida and the first Zika-related in death in Texas reported, it is time to really think about how you are going to protect your family. A few months ago, we posted about the Zika Virus and the new Mosquito Prevention system that we install.  Let’s discuss another way to protect your family from mosquitoes and keep you cool as well. One simple solution to repelling these bugs is an overhead fan!

You can literally fan mosquitoes away.

According to the American Mosquito Control Association, a large fan on your deck would work because mosquitoes are weak fliers.  The New York Times also reports that a fan’s breeze “disperses the human emanations that allow female mosquitos to zero in on us.” Entomologists from Michigan State University found that fan-generated wind greatly reduces mosquitoes and they recommend we use it in our backyards to protect ourselves and our pets.

forhome-outdoor-yeiser-resi-isisLandscape Lighting Guru installs outdoor fans and would be happy to come out and give a free consultation.    There is huge variety of fans available but some of favorites are from Big Ass Fans which offer stylish and state of the art fans.  Learn more at their website.  To learn more about how Landscape Lighting Guru can help you protect your family from mosquitoes, call us at 210-710-7737.

Is it time to update your light fixtures?

update light fixtureHave you looked at your light fixtures recently?

Often fixtures are installed and then forgotten about and not really “seen” by the homeowners day in and day out.  Just the other day, I looked up at the light fixtures on my porch and was shocked to see how awful they looked!  Not only were they filthy but the finish has come off and it was just so out of style.  I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t noticed them sooner.  You will be surprised the difference it makes when you update light fixture.

So I urge you to pay attention to your light fixtures and fans inside and out and see if they need a good cleaning and maintenance or if they need replacing to fit into the look of your home.  Landscape Lighting Guru installs lights and fans inside and outside your home.  New light fixtures make a huge impact for a small cost.  And if you switch to LED lamps instead, you will receive an even bigger impact with lower electric bills.

If new fixtures aren’t in the budget yet, you can always use a little spray paint to update the look.  I was amazed at the difference a little spray paint could do!  For more information and directions on how to upscale your current fixtures with spray paint, click hereupdate light fixture



Light up your world with custom outdoor light fixtures!

custom outdoor light fixturesWe were so excited to recently create these custom outdoor light fixtures again!  We designed these fish basket lanterns to hang in the client’s trees in the back yard.

We love the way they sway in the trees and light up the entire yard.  The are done with energy efficient LED lighting.

The guru designed these fixtures for another client last summer and we posted about it here.

If you are interested in these or a different type of custom light fixtures, please give us a call 210-710-7737 or click to send us an email.

So much more than outdoor lights!

More than outdoor lights

Landscape Lighting Guru is known for high quality installation and service of outdoor lighting systems.  But what else do we do?

In addition to our installation of residential lighting systems, the following are some other services offered by Landscape Lighting Guru:
  • Indoor Lighting including upgrading new fixtures and moving to energy efficient LED.
  • Fans – Indoors and Out
  • Outdoor Water Feature Service – we can keep your fountain or water feature in tip top shape.
  • Outdoor Sound Systems
  • Mosquito Protection
  • Outdoor Lighting Service – it is important to get a lighting check-up twice a year to prevent bigger issues down the road.
  • Commercial Lighting

    More than Lights

    Mosquito Protection for your whole Patio!

The Guru is always on the lookout for high quality products and services to improve your home inside and out.  For more information, please give us a call at 210-710-7737 or send us an email at

Great Customer Service = Happy Customers!!

Happy Customers

Another review that we received in the mail!

We love happy customers! Our staff is passionate about lighting, but just as passionate about customer service. We know we are working at peoples “homes” not just houses. It is very important to us to treat you and your home with respect while providing amazing lighting results.

We thought we would share some recent customer testimonials that speak to our focus on customer service:

“Awesome Job Guys! We are so thrilled with the result and the job that was done.  Wow, I have dealt with 6-10 contractors over the past 2 years and this is the 1st time, the job was done correctly the first time, on time and done very well.  The team was very thorough in design and install and all the way to clean up. We could not even tell that they had been there except for the awesome lights installed in the front and the outdoor lighting in the back. I was and am still amazed how professional the staff was and how great of a job was done. We could not be more happier with them. AAA++++” Max N

We’d love to hear from you too!  We appreciate the trust you place in our company and strive to achieve excellence for you and all of our clients. Your review will help other customers know what to expect if they have not worked with us before.

Please take a moment to leave a review on one of the following sites:

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*The more reviews we receive on google, the better we are ranked because their rating system is not just an average of the star ratings but also based on the number of reviews you receive!  On the desktop, the option to leave a review will only be shown if you are signed in on one of your google accounts like gmail or google +.

Is your Outdoor Space ready for Summer?

Outdoor Space 4th of julyIs your outdoor space ready for the upcoming holiday weekend?  4th of July is a great time to invite friends and family over to celebrate our nation’s freedom and enjoy the long summer nights.

Creating a comfortable outdoor space for you and your guests is as easy with these tips:

  1.  Keep it Cool – Of course it is going to be a bit hot in San Antonio in July.  Outdoor fans have come a long way and not only offer a some cool air but have great designs too.
  2. Stay out of the Dark – a well lit space keeps the party going long past the fireworks.  You don’t need a lot of outdoor lights, you just need the right ones in the best locations.
  3. Outdoor Space 4th of JulyGet rid of the pests – Nothing will drive your party inside as quickly as getting bit by mosquitoes.  Keep the mosquitoes from biting by installing a mosquito repellent system.

Landscape Lighting Guru offers top of the line products for all three and would be happy to discuss your outdoor needs. Give us a call at 210-710-7737 to create the outdoor living space that is SPECTACULAR!



Fight the Bite – Protect your Family from Mosquitoes this summer

Firepit-Web-main-Rev-1Officials fear the perfect storm this summer in Texas with our mild winter and wet spring which all lead to more mosquitoes.   The Zika virus is in the headlines but to date nobody in Texas has contracted the disease locally.  However, mosquitoes in Mexico are carrying the virus and it is expected to hit Texas this summer.   The bigger risk right now is West Nile Virus which is contracted locally and can have effects just as devastating as Zika.  So how can you protect your family this summer?  Here are some quick tips to fight the bite with mosquito protection!

Keep them out of your house by using air conditioning inside or making sure your screens in your windows and doors are intact.  Look for all sources of standing water around your home.  Did you know a soda can filled with water can be enough of a breeding ground for 20 mosquitoes?  So even if you don’t think you have standing water, it is worth a check around the house especially with all the recent rain.

Protect yourself from getting mosquito bites by limiting the time you spend outside during peak hours. If you are outside, using an insect repellent as well as wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants are recommended.  Many don’t like using the repellent and wearing long sleeves in the Texas heat doesn’t seem all that enjoyable.  So what else can you do?

hvrfabl_black-v2-webLandscape Lighting Guru is excited to announce we are now offering mosquito protection for your outdoor living areas with a unique new product.  The Mosquito Repellent fixture offers mosquito repellency to enhance your patio, deck or yard.  The patented mosquito protection system is effective providing protection within 15 minutes of use and is effective against all types of mosquitoes, including the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a known carrier of the Zika virus.  It is conveniently odorless, silent, invisible during use – no smelly oils, smoke, or zapping sounds to disturb you.

If you are interested in learning more about how this fixture can protect your family this summer, please give us a call at 210-710-7737.


Elements of Lighting Artwork

Lighting ArtworkThe weather has been a challenge lately. I’m sure glad we get to do interior projects as well. Here are some before and after pictures of a beautiful 100 year old home in San Antonio. This customer has the most amazing art collection. The right LED lighting was really what was needed in this home.  Lighting artwork is an important element to the piece itself.

Most importantly, the client was happy with the results.  The following was his testimonial:

“The Guru team did a great job! The lighting in our home was more cave like than anything, it was impossible to enjoy the art pieces or even the living room after dark. The transformation was incredible, I feel like I am in a new home. Job well done!” ~Brad Gray